5 Ways the Immerse Orientation Will Set You Up for Success

When you hear the word “Orientation,” what do you think of?

Maybe it brings back memories of your first day at college, before you even met anyone or figured out where to get a good cup of coffee. Or maybe it reminds you of the firehose of information when you were starting a new job you loved (or one you hated!). 

All orientations have something in common (they’re meant to help you get to know a new place), but every orientation is not done the same way. At Immerse, we aim to give our new members an Orientation experience that’s quick, free, and fun. 

In the Immerse Orientation, we’ll show you how to move and interact in VR, schedule classes, and make the most of your membership. Still on the fence? Here are five more reasons we think you should book our orientation class.

1. Faster language learning

Virtual reality is the perfect place to immerse yourself in a new language. In fact, studies have shown that once language learners are familiar with a VR setting they learn vocabulary faster than learners using traditional methods.

A 2022 research review showed that the benefits of VR for language learning start as soon as users are comfortable with the VR environment and controls. We’ve noticed too that Immerse users who understand how to move, use all the tools in their backpack, and pick up items are able to start improving their Spanish right from the start of their first class.

Immerse’s Orientation is designed to familiarize you with the app and the controls so you can take advantage of VR’s language learning benefits right away!

2. More enjoyable experience 

Users who are still learning the controls tend to distract themselves and others. It’s hard to focus when someone is zooming around and blocking your view, or when the Guide has to stop and help another learner figure out how to pick things up.This situation creates stress, and stress actually interferes with language learning.

We know from research that language learners speak more fluently and learn better when they’re relaxed and enjoying themselves. The Immerse Orientation is conducted in English so you can quickly understand the app controls and the design of the language classes. When the setting and controls feel natural, you can relax and enjoy the amazing scenes and fun experiences. You won’t be distracted during those first few lessons and you can focus on learning right away.

3. Increased learner agency

The Orientation is your opportunity to learn more about how the Spanish program works and get answers to all your questions. This sets you up to choose your own best path through the program.

Immerse is unique in the way it gives learners complete freedom to select their classes. This type of learner agency increases motivation, encouraging you to stick with the program and really get results. At Immerse, you don’t have to learn random stuff that doesn’t interest you before you can progress to what you really want to know. No one knows better than you do what topics you should learn to talk about.

4. Getting to know people at Immerse

Many linguists see social interaction as the basis of effective language learning, and Immerse is all about social learning. Entering an unfamiliar space full of strangers can feel really awkward for a lot of people, though. Taking the Orientation will ease this transition.

The staff behind the Immerse Guide avatars are some of the friendliest people anywhere, and you’ll meet some of them at the Orientation. Later on, you’ll feel good about reaching out if you have questions or need support because you’ll know Immerse is staffed with people who love to help you.

Getting to know other Immerse Members will make you feel more confident, too. In the Orientation everyone is new, so you won’t be worried that everyone else has already buddied up. You’ll get a chance to talk to other members and see that everyone feels just like you do. You might even make a friend that wants to sign up for a class together or meet up later in the Social Lounge to have fun and practice Spanish. In a nutshell, come to the Orientation and you won’t be a stranger at Immerse. 

5. Free practice

The Orientation is a freebie - it doesn’t count as one of your monthly classes, so there’s no reason not to take it!

Just like heading off to college or starting a new job, joining Immerse will open the door to new skills, new friendships, and new experiences. Set yourself up for success and enjoyment right from the start!


  • Language learning happens faster in immersive VR classes than in other settings like classrooms and Zoom classes - once the learner has mastered the controls.
  • The Immerse Orientation provides a clear overview of the class schedule and sign-up process.
  • The Orientation is in English, so no worries if your Spanish skills are still under construction.
  • The Immerse Orientation is fun. Test your block-throwing skills! Meet new people! Take some selfies!

Sign up for a free Immerse membership here to try an Orientation experience for yourself. We can't wait to meet you and to learn more about your Spanish fluency goals.