Optimize Your Learning Before, During, and After VR Lessons

Joining Immerse puts you on the cutting edge of language learning, as it makes you a member of the first social education app for language learning in the metaverse. This means you’re in for the experience of a lifetime - and it also means you’ve never done anything quite like this before.

Showing up on time and having a good time in your lessons is enough to build confidence and see improvement in your Spanish skills and fluency right away. 

But if you’re one of those people who always likes to go that extra mile, we’d like to share some expert tips for making the most of your Immerse experience:

Before your lesson

Activate your knowledge of the topic

When you’re signing up for an Immerse lesson, you’ll see a picture of the scene where it takes place. Spend a few moments before class imagining the scene and thinking about what you might talk about there. This way, you’ll know the kind of things you want to learn how to say in Spanish as soon as the lesson starts. 

Prep some vocab 

If you’re the type who likes to gear up in advance, go ahead and look up the Spanish words for some of the things you see in the scene. It can help you feel prepared, and it will let you jump right into the conversation. (But remember, you don’t need to study vocabulary in advance if you don’t feel like it - your Guide will be there to help you say anything you want!)

Rehearse for a couple of minutes

Try practicing a few things you might want to say in the scene. This will help you see what you can already say and what you’ll still need to learn. Don’t have anyone to practice with? No worries. It doesn’t matter who you rehearse with. Talk to yourself, your houseplants, or your cats and dog - who knows, you might end up with bilingual pets! Or if you have a little extra time, you can meet up with a classmate in the Social Lounge a few minutes before class and exchange some ideas. You could even ask how their pets’ Spanish is coming along.

Quiet your cell phone 

Immerse lessons are fully immersive, live experiences. You’ll feel like you’re truly at the airport, a coffee shop, or wherever else your Guide might lead you today. Don’t let your dentist’s office break the spell by calling to remind you that you’re having your wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow.

During your lesson

Throw yourself into the experience

Immerse lessons tap into the power of VR to create immersive social language learning experiences. When you engage with the environment it heightens your sense of presence, that feeling that the VR environment around you is real, and presence leads to improved learning. Picking up and interacting with objects in VR has been shown to promote vocabulary learning, too. 

So don’t be afraid to grab things and try them out. Your Guide can clean up messes with the click of a button, so if you break a wine glass or catch your meal on fire, it will just help you learn more Spanish (don’t you wish real life worked that way?!).


Interacting in a language is the most effective way to master it, and the more you talk, the more fluent you’ll get. And recent research on the brain shows that when you learn language through social interaction, your brain is much more active. (In fact, scans of the brain activity of adults learning foreign vocabulary in social contexts look more like the brain activity of kids learning their native language.) Your high-school Spanish teacher may have frowned on socializing in class, but your Immerse Guide is likely to jump in and join you.

Plus, our Guides use Emergent Language Teaching. When you interact with other Members, your Guide will be right there guiding you to communicate your ideas in Spanish. (That’s why they’re called Guides!) There’s no such thing as an off-topic conversation at Immerse. If you want to tell the other Members all about that time you dropped your mother-in-law’s cell phone in the toilet, your Guide is happy to assist.

Take pictures

There’s a camera in your backpack. Take pictures when your Guide writes on the whiteboard or labels objects. Get a selfie while you’re doing fun activities with the other Members, too. Looking back on the pictures later will jog your memory and refresh the lesson in your brain.

After your lesson

Jot down some notes

As soon as you take off your headset, make a few notes about the language you learned. The act of writing them down will reinforce the learning, plus you’ll be able to refer to them later if you want to. 

Review your pictures and any feedback you received

Did you remember to take some pictures of the whiteboard? Download these pictures into a file where you can find them easily. Review them right after class and again the next day. This will help move the knowledge from your short-term to long-term memory.

Consider booking lessons by theme

At Immerse, you always have the freedom to choose which lesson you book next. Many learners find it helpful to sign up for a couple of lessons set in the same scene so they can practice with the same vocabulary.


Remember, even though you’re having fun in the lessons, the original reason you signed up for Immerse was so that you could use Spanish somewhere else. Watch a juicy telenovela and see how much you can follow, or meet up with a friend in the Social Lounge and chat about your plans for the weekend. You may be surprised just how natural it feels.


Just showing up and having fun is enough to learn Spanish with Immerse, but there are tricks to enhance your learning if you want to:

  • Before your class, take a minute to imagine what you might talk about in the lesson's scene. (And turn off your phone ringer!)
  • Be an active learner during your classes - talk to other people, use the stuff around you, and take some pictures.
  • Later on, think back to what you did and learned, and consider taking another class in the same scene to reinforce your learning.