November 12, 2020

5 Star Rating for Immerse in Czech Republic

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The California-based company, Immerse, developed a virtual reality language training platform. Their solution is based on a VR app that allows you to "immerse yourself" in different types of environments where you communicate with your guide trainer as well as other students. You learn the English through a virtual experience based on various situations. The platform also allows instructors to facilitate lessons effectively on their computer and monitor the progress of their students. To participate as a learner, all you need is a VR headset. Overall, Immerse is a very good example of the use of VR in education that can serve as inspiration for other educational projects in virtual reality. We recommend to watch a sample video or arrange for a demo.

Christian Rowe
Christian Rowe is the Chief Revenue Officer at Immerse. He loves unearthing new ways to help people grow, educating markets about new possibilities, and leveraging cutting-edge technology to help make human transformation possible.

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