March 8, 2021

Immerse Hosts The Pie News Webinar with EC English

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Reflecting on The Pie News Webinar

We recently had a fantastic opportunity to share more about the Immerse Virtual Language Experience Platform, our Virtual Reality solution for language teaching, recently adopted by EC English Language Centres. This panel discussion included Emma Weissburg, an up and coming English language teacher who has taught several classes in Immerse, as well as Lisa James, Managing Director at EC English Language Centres. Moderated by Amy Baker, CEO of The Pie News, this was a great opportunity to talk about VR and why now is a great time to begin implementing a VR English learning program.

This was a really lively conversation with participants from around the world asking questions and digging into what it means to teach and learn in virtual reality. It’s great to have a large audience to talk to, especially when they come prepared with great questions, and this PIE News webinar had plenty for everyone.

Some great highlights include:

What it’s like to be a teacher in virtual reality

The pandemic has possibly been the most challenging for teachers who miss the interaction, engagement, and joy of being in a live class with students. Little things like waving, high fives, and being able to celebrate others in real-time get quietly lost in strict online learning environments where teachers have to be busy facilitators and managers. Virtual reality learning helps bring that fun, flexible, feeling back to teaching, letting students and teachers laugh and enjoy being together again. Listen to Emma talk more about her experience as a teacher in Immerse.

Managing a Virtual Reality Classroom

We also were able to give a bit of a glimpse into what you can do as a teacher using the Immerse Desktop Application, including how you teachers can interact with students who are using the Oculus Virtual Reality headset. Set up vocabulary tasks, create kinesthetic interactions, and organize groups and teams with a few clicks. My favorite part is always the space Immerse gives back to teachers. I know, like many teachers, one of the biggest challenges with online learning is the real difficulty of watching students interact with each other, which provides critical information about performance. By teaching in the Immerse platform, teachers can stand back and have that cup of coffee again, while students are actively engaged in work. Learn more about the Immerse teacher experience and how the platform works.

Presenting Your Curriculum in VR

Immerse has a range of locations and scenes, making it easy for institutions to bring in their custom developed curriculum and share a learning experience that students have come to expect from established brands, like EC. Additionally, being able to add a Virtual Reality component now allows students to continue working towards their goals of learning a language and studying abroad in other countries. As the world continues to work to make it safe to travel again, students can get prepared for their future work and career lives, learning in trusted programs delivered by word class educators, thanks to the robust, customizable, experiences powered by Immerse. Listen to Lisa James share more about her experience and goals using Immerse VR at EC.

Costs and Prices of Using VR

If you're curious about costing and how Immerse helps language schools feasibly implement a VR program, check out Christian's great walk through of pricing models, and answering key questions of how to get started in Immerse.

Understanding the Future of Learning

While this was a quick panel discussion, clocking in at just 1 hour, we managed to cover a lot of ground and give great insight into the future of language learning, and specifically how VR is positioned to revolutionize not just education, but workforce development as well.

If you didn’t get a chance to catch the live discussion, feel free to jump in and review the full recording, which you can find archived at the PIE Webinar hub here:

Sara Davila
Sara Davila is the Head of Efficacy and Learning for Immerse. Based in Chicago, Sara Davila is an expert on English-language learning, twenty-first century pedagogies, and teacher-training best practices. Author of numerous articles and speaker at countless conferences, Sara’s expertise spans the globe.

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