January 26, 2021

Introducing Planning Hub, a VR English Lesson Plan Editor

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The newest addition to the Immerse Virtual Language Experience Platform

Delivering highly immersive, interactive, and truly enjoyable English language learning experiences can be a challenge whether you are together in-class or meeting remotely online. 

Designing and developing these kinds of learning experiences can feel like more of a challenge - if not nearly impossible. 

Good news - we have made the impossible, possible.

A tool built for ELT designers and instructors

Immerse has released a new, robust VR lesson plan editing feature called the Planning Hub, that will enable their partners to create and customize their very own VR English lesson plans with the click of a button, all within the Virtual Language Experience Platform. 

The Immerse Planning Hub feature was built to give curriculum designers the ability to easily convert their proprietary synchronous lesson content into VR English learning experiences, as well as instructors the ability to edit VR lesson plans to meet the specific needs of their students.

“The Planning Hub represents a huge step in equipping educators to build transformative language experiences. I am thrilled about the way this tool empowers teachers, instructional designers, and non-technical people to create with this new medium for education.” said Jacob Furnari, Chief Product Officer at Immerse.

With the new Planing Hub feature in the VLEP, Immerse language institution partners can:

  • Easily create and edit new VR English lesson plans
  • Copy, paste, and modify “off the shelf” VR English lesson plans created by Immerse
  • Convert existing proprietary curriculum from textbooks or online course books into enhanced VR English lesson plans
  • Share VR English lesson plans with other designers or instructors using by downloading and uploading immerse lesson plan files
  • Publish VR English lesson plans to all trained instructors throughout your institution (premium feature coming soon) 

The new way to lesson plan

A Managing Director at a partnering international language school stated,

“I thought when it came to adopting VR as a new content delivery tool we would need to start from scratch, redoing all the hard work it took to create our existing courses and programs. The Planning Hub feature, however, enables our team to easily infuse our existing content into VR, allowing us to quickly develop and offer a new VR English learning program for our students. This tool is brilliant.”

Quinn Taber, CEO of Immerse recently said,

"The launch of the Immerse VLEP last fall met a deep need in the market by empowering language schools and companies to offer a more meaningful and interactive synchronous learning experience using our model VR lesson plans. But with the release of our Planning Hub feature, our growing number of partners can now bring their own content to life in virtual reality. We are very excited to see what the future holds."

Unlock your creativity and begin converting your curriculum into VR English lesson experiences today with a 15-day free trial.

Christian Rowe
Christian Rowe is the Chief Revenue Officer at Immerse. He loves unearthing new ways to help people grow, educating markets about new possibilities, and leveraging cutting-edge technology to help make human transformation possible.

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