We bring immersion to your living room

The 3 pillars of language immersion

Practice the language
Focus on language

Immerse yourself in realistic situations and start building fluency right away through live conversations with real people. Gain the language skills you need to achieve your goals from Day One. Planning a trip to Spain? Take our ‘Order up!’ lesson and practice ordering food right away!

Experience the culture
Focus on culture

Jump into the culture through celebrations, storytellings, and other activities with our Language Guides every week. Language learning is more than just knowing words and phrases. Understanding culture is the key to successful communication. 

Build a community
Focus on community

Create new relationships with other Immerse Members who share your passion to learn languages. Research has consistently shown that meaningful conversations with others in the language you are learning leads to fluency. 

We combine language, culture, and community to help you develop fluency!
Working together

Series a
series b
Series a
Series B

Our History

March 2017 – August 2019

Founding ($500k)

Quinn moved back to the USA, hired the founding team, and built the very first prototype for immersive language learning.

September 2019 – February 2022

Series A ($2M)

Built the first VR language publishing and teaching platform, shifted entire team to 100% remote after pandemic, and closed over 15 global language education partnerships.

March 2022 – Current Day

Series B ($9M)

Pivoting Immerse from a B2B company to a consumer-facing language immersion brand to accelerate growth and be the captains of our own destiny in the metaverse. To kickstart our launch, Immerse was accepted as the #1 language education app on the Meta VR app store! We are launching Spanish language immersion in June 2022, with English, French, German and Japanese to follow.

To infinity and beyond

What does tomorrow hold?

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Research shows that virtual reality:

Creates immersive, contextualized, experiential learning. 

Having real conversations and doing activities together in immersion settings leads to faster language learning and enhances memory. Research has even shown that your brain processes language learning in immersive VR the same way as when you learn your first language! This builds stronger neurological pathways for long-term fluency.

Reduces distractions that exist in other learning contexts.

VR fully immerses you in the learning context and in your live conversations with other Members, meaning you will be able to fully focus on the language you are learning. You won’t be tempted to check your phone or be distracted by other things going on around you. 

Improves confidence and reduces anxiety.

In VR, you are represented by an avatar. Studies show that this reduces anxiety and gives you more confidence to practice the language. This allows you to become fluent faster!

Supports social learning. 

In Immerse, you build social connections by interacting in real-time with a global community of other language learners and expert speakers. Research shows that social learning within VR leads to better and more practical language skills that transfer to real-world situations.

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